Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tire Easily

Darryl with his fixed tire and tube.

With Valentine's day 2005 now solidly behind me I have now returned to my normal day to day functioning of looking for work, meetings friends for lunch and catching up on TV shows I haven't seen. Specifically, Angel season 5, which just came out today on DVD. Using some of the rolled up change I've had stashed in a coin bucket in the corner of my room I decided to pick up the last season, make dinner, and immerse myself in the Joss Whedon tales of fantasy. As many as I could watch before falling asleep or... well falling asleep.

I ended up making a lot of food for just me so in order to complete the average day going ons I decided to invite Darryl over from the office. On the way over he popped his front tire on a piece of glass. This is starting to become a standard thing. His inner tube looks like a patch work of rubber patches more than a tube. The Frankenstien of tubing now has the standard procedure of being put under water, identifying the hole with a magic marker, applying glue, patching and restuffing it back inbetween the rim and the tire. You'd think I'd have some sort of automated device now that could seal these things?

It's about 3:24 am now. Darryl has gone home in the sleeting rain and I am back to watching another show (show 5 of 22) of Angel. Will proabably hit the hay soon.

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