Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Snow = Fun Fun Fun.

The path to my apartment all nice and clear.

After about 12 hours of sound sleeping I woke up to find...
a) I was still tired.
b) I had finished watching the entire season 5 of Angel
c) The path to my apartment entrance was filled with snow
d) I required stamps.

My back was sore probably from not moving the whole night. So going back to sleep wasn't going to help. I decided to wake up and do those computer chores, some cleaning, and making some breakfast. As it turned out I had a leftover nature (veggie) burger from the night on Tilt. I nuked it and ate it. Breakfast of champions! Done. No Fuss, no muss (whatever that means).

There wasn't much I could do about the lack of Joss Whedon shows. I guess I'll have to wait for the Firefly movie to come out. Season 5 was pretty depressing. I felt that there wasn't any closure for some of the characters. Also another good show not airing. It's hard to believe I watched 110 episodes and still wanted more.

I took about an hour and a half moving the snow from the pathway into a pile in the backlot. It was packing snow. I flug it towards the brick wall and it would just stick there in a clump without falling. This facinating revelation only lasted about 30 seconds, then I started to tire. Not lose interest but lose strength in my whole body. It was like the shovel was sucking the life force out of me. My back was starting to ache and the shovel felt like it was turning into lead. I only had the sidewalk to do by this point but it might as well have been the entire city block.

Each shovel full of snow and ice became more and more draining. I stopped for a while to see the neighborhood kid playing in the snow in front of the house next to me. She was making a minature snow man, the height of three snow balls. The look on the kid's face was of wonderment and awe. The kid looked like she was thinking "How does this white stuff stick together? This snowman looks like my Dad. Maybe I can use this as a little voodoo doll and get my parents to buy me a small shovel and pail. Why has that guy over there stopped shovelling?".

I kept thinking back to when snow was fun. Going down hills in a toboggan (that's Canadian for sled, eh.), making snow angels, having snowball fights, seeing friends lick the metal pole and making twenty-five cents, getting pulled by the family dog through snow mounds like he was a giant gopher. Okay maybe being a kid wasn't that great. The memories allowed me to rest and I decided to continue clearing the snow up to and including the neighbor's sidewalk and driveway.

After finishing my good deed for the day I had to make a trek to get some stamps. I have two cousins that wanted some of the pictures I took at the funeral for some school project and I have a $50 US rebate that I have to send into Epson. I hate those rebates. There's really no guarantee that you'll get the money back and it seems like quite the mission to keep track of the receipt, find the serial number, get an envelope, a stamp, fill the form and mail it in. Ah well fifty bucks is still fifty bucks.

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