Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Like looking into the eyes of a chicken.

I took this picture back in november 2003 at the sunday market in Antwerp, Belgium. We were working on a show called "Blueprint for Disaster" and had some time to kill before our flight back to London, England. The director was so busy looking at all the birds in the cages that she didn't realize this one was about 5cm from her head. For some reason this is the only picture of a chicken I have. Which means I really have to sort through my picture database.

Up until yesterday afternoon I was feeling great. I went to lunch some some of my old work mates and had a great lunch. Then on the way home my throat started to get that scratchy feeling. By the time I arrived home I was coughing and had problems talking.

After an unrestful night of sleep, my head feels like it's on fire and I've got that pressure on the eyeball again like someone is poking me with their finger. I feel like a zombie. My friend has a saying, "Like looking into the eyes of a chicken.". It's when you're slow reacting and just stare into empty space. Maybe because you just woke up, you're sick (as I am now), just a little dim, or have attention deficit disorder.

Ironically it's also the first day of the chinese new year, the year of the Rooster (or chicken). Don't you just love those small connections? One last thing to add. My friend, Zee, was also born the year of the Rooster. He just put up a blog site.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Olivia Meiring said...

Happy New Year Derek!! Damn you beat me to it.