Sunday, March 20, 2005

and the good parenting award goes to...

Asha getting her teeth brushed by Irmina.

Sunday. After trying to get to sleep for about 8 hours I finally dozed off reading a corrective lighting and posing book at 9am. Needless to say my blissful sleep didn't last long. My phone rang at around 11am, 12pm and 2:30pm, at which point I finally got up. One of the callers was Irmina, just checking in to see if I could make dinner tonight.

After reading my blog (yes this one) she figured I'd probably still be out of it. She's right. I'm still sick with the odd cough every now and then. This will be the second event that I'm going to miss due to this sickness. Last night was Alan's birthday. Happy Birthday Alan. Tonight, had I been well, I would have eaten like a King.

Irmina, among being one of the most amazing parents I've ever met, is also one of the best cooks I've ever met. Missing a dinner made by her would be the equivalent to missing seeing Star Wars in the theatre opening night (episode 4, 5, maybe even 6- but not those other demo reels Lucas calls movies), eating the box of Belgium chocolates all by yourself, having your friends meet up to celebrate your birthday, or kissing for the first time. Actually the kissing for the first time is only a good analogy if a) you were kissed back, and b) you didn't poke the partners eye out with your nose. Actually let's just scratch that kissing for the first time thing out altogether. You get the idea. Eating food at Irmina's is a pleasant experience.

Did I mention Irmina is a great parent? I know I briefly mentioned that but I would like to take the time to emphasize how great that is. In a world where bratty kids seem to run rampant with no boundaries and A.D.D, it's great to know that there are people out the like Irmina that put the time and energy in their kids. I'm sure as a graphic designer she's had to sacrifice a lot to accommodate the kid as all parents should. She has. Does she get pats on the back on a regular basis? Probably not. So this is what this blog entry is for, to acknowledge not only her great parenting but all parents that are great parents.

It's easy to become a parent but it's hard to stay one. There are so many people out there that have a kid to increase their status or any other multitude of wrong reasons. "Hey look I'm a parent. I'm now a responsible individual." In the end they don't follow through and who suffers? Certainly not the parent as they tend to be too self-absorbed to see what’s going on with the kid in the first place.

How many bratty kids have you run across where you could just smack them? Actually for me none. I’d rather drop kick the parent. How many parents blame schools, TV, or the internet for their kid’s behavior? Even before the kid watches TV, plays with the computer or even goes to school values are taught by the parent.

“You’re single you don’t know what it’s like to be a parent.” I know that it’s a lot of work and I know your kid’s a brat that’s beating up other kids, has no boundaries and destroys everything he/she touches. That alone should be enough information to drop kick you, the parent. I never said parenting is easy and great parenting is even harder. Maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to experience the skills of achieving good parenting but until then knowing that there are parents out there like Irmina and not all kids will grow up to be self-centered little pricks I will sleep better at night


uncaringbear said...

How sad that I've only ever seen Irmina the parent on one occassion. I remember the pre-mum Irmina who was fun, ambitious and neurotically clean. I'm sure Irmina-the-mum is still all those things and is probably even more creepily tidy. Derek, spend more time with Irmina - at least she won't turn you into a vegan :-P

Anonymous said...

Big, big smiles from me!! =D
Thank you Derek for trying to make me feel less of a career washout. Our conversation that day did make me feel much better. And John, you'd be pleased to know that I've let up on some of the tidiness. I'm having a hard time keeping up with an active toddler and her toys -- which William and I call the daily "toy debris" that scatters our main floor. Wish you and Amanda could come visit us before Asha leaves her toddlerhood.

And Derek, sometime next week there will be a fresh baked molten, chocolate cake just for you! Just get better soon!

-- i

BagelHot said...

Who's the big winner?

Irmina is. Even if she is creepily clean. Don't let her fool you John, she's as tidy as ever.