Monday, March 21, 2005

Peanut Butter Epiphany

The free peanut butter sample from the CNE.

Perhaps it's being sick for days on end, confined to a small apartment and seeing the same four walls just after being at a talent show filled with musical artists, a bunch of them being rappers that I'm going to share this little diddy with you. This is all based on findings I've had today regarding my peanut butter. It could also be from the enormous amounts of chicken soup that I've been ingesting.

When you read the following pretend you're rapping this like Will Smith...

yo yo check this out...

There once was a guy that liked peanut butter, he preferred that Kraft kind over any other.
But then one day when his Kraft was gone he opened a jar of JIF, a jar that he won
At the CNE, the canadian eX. Free amounts were given out that would make one perplexed.
They came in a bag with a sample of jelly, he thought "That sounds good goin down to my belly",
The JIF peanut butter was silky and smooth compared to the Kraft peanut butter that was crusty and rude.
It then hit him while the sandwich was half way down the expiration date was no where to be found.
That old kraft jar was at least three years old. Then he looked closer. He could see some kind of mold.
The morale of the story, truth to be told, is if you have crappy peanut butter chances are... it's old.

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Zee said...

Tupac and Biggie are rolling in their graves right now.