Wednesday, March 09, 2005

So close and yet so far.

You can almost hear the hamster wheel turning inside Ella the dog's head.

I was at the beach again today and much like yesterday it was cold. Mental note do not try to clean lens with lens fluid in cold conditions. I might have mentioned this before but if I haven't... the fluid will freeze and if you're really unlucky the lens you're applying it to will crack. Not a really nice way to see your lens go.

Rob, the owner of the dog, is the second producer I've met on the beach walking the dog. Yesterday I met Mary, another producer, who was out walking her labrador retriever. Both asked me if I was a professional photographer. Mainly because I was walking around with my D70 but in Rob's case because I had infiltrated a local haunt used by Toronto Star photographers. It seems the beach is a good spot for taking photos.

Another photo tip I've been told is when taking your camera inside after being outside you should leave your camera in your camera bag for a few hours so it can climatize slowly. Something to do with moisture and condensation and lens cracking, etc. Works for me.

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Anonymous said...

You should stick a filter permanently on the front of your lenses. Put a skylight or UV filter on, and it's good insurance against damage to the front of your expensive lens. In the old days, you could buy cheapo protective filters for ten bucks, but these days, people shell out $50 or more for 'professional' coated filters. Still, it's better to damage a $50 filter than a $600 lens.