Thursday, March 24, 2005

So Money

Emmanuel Lopez starts his seminar on how to meet people.

If yesterday was odd today was unbelievable.

I ran into a multitude of people I haven't seen. Some of them I haven't seen in years, some months. But for some reason I kept bumping into these people all day. Directors, friends, people from set, people I've seen in other places. They all seemed to pop up out of nowhere. To make matters even more bizzare. I got four job offers today. Each one in the various fields that I can work in. Visual effects, photography, animation, and computer playback.

I took the visual effects, photography and computer playback gigs, leaving the animation job to the wind. Later as it turned out the animation job went away due to lack of funding. How bizzare is that?

If that wasn't enough to make my day, to clinch it, I met a cute girl at a seminar I was photographing. I don't know if she's single, dating or married but I managed to get her phone number. We'll go from there. Small baby steps. As dating has never been a strong suit I have to put emphasis on the getting the phone number part. It's a big step.

The seminar was held at the mind camp center at 215 Spadina, suite 120. A friend that I met by going to various parties and repeat meetings was one of the guest speakers. I had no idea what Emmanuel did for a job, let alone knowing that he was a smaller version of Tony Robbins, the famed confidence builder. Turns out Emmanuel talks about people interaction or more to the point the "ABCs for meeting new people".

After the seminar I noticed Caroline, a girl I had met briefly earlier that night. She was putting her coat on and getting ready to leave. The seminar had convienced me that the fear of being rejected was over shadowed the risk of trying to get to know her and introducing myself. Even if she wasn't "the girl", she seemed pretty nice... and cute. I decided right then and there to go up to her and smooze until I got her number or slapped in the face (a visual I couldn't get out of my head for some reason).

It was on and I ended up being so money (see Swingers if this reference passes you by, it's a great movie) without even really knowing how I did it. Everything seemed to go right. Like I was behaving like the un-me. Maybe it had something to do with that $6 bucks (see previous entry). I'll update you on details as it happens. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out.

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