Saturday, March 19, 2005

St Paddy's Day

Hey It's march 17th and it's St. Patrick's Day. More importantly the day marks my third year having a digital camera. Specifically my Nikon 990. Since it's purchase I've taken 100 CDs, and 13 DVD worth of images (that doesn't include the images I erased).

"How many images is that?" you ask. Good question. As I haven't been updating my photo database (I'm only on DVD 6 and have about 75 CDs to still enter) I don't really know. Definately in the thousands.

--- CAUTION following text is not for the weak stomached ---

In case you're wondering (specifically this means you Wade) there is no picture today (for March 17th and18th actually) because I'm sick yet again. No, not from drinking barrels of green beer or eating too much corned beef or watching Leprechaunin the Hood (was that the second movie?). I have some kind of stuffy-ness that's been making me see past things I've eaten, followed by a burning sensation in my throat. Not very pretty and not very photogenic.

I didn't feel too bad today. But by the time I met up with Simon, Matt, and Melissa, I started feeling queesy. Later on, just after I got to the talent show to take pictures I was fighting the urge to pass out and/or up chuck. I'm not talking about a small food item making itself known when you burp I'm talking large chunks ahoy with the stomach heaving until there's nothing left and heaving some more just to make you feel crappier than you already are. It's a bit better than having the Norwalk virus in that you can sense something wants to come out but it's still no trip to Disneyland.

I remember the time I had the Norwalk virus and started to cough. Next thing I knew the sink was filled with vomit. In the blink of an eye! And your stomach felt bruised from passing so much crud through in such a short amount of time. This was all because a "friend" had it but didn't tell anybody figuring we'd get it anyway. Everyone that christmas that visited the house got it. Michelle and I weren't very happy campers to say the least.

This is the third time this year I've been sick and I'm really getting tired of it. What the ____ is going on? I sat around doing taxes indoors for most of the week, went to a mullet hockey game and a rappers against the war show. That's it! ugh.

Oh great. There's the taco chips I was eating about an hour ago all over my keyboard.

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