Thursday, March 10, 2005

Darryl's "Surprise" Birthday

That's one big ass birthday wish.

On the way home from the scandalnavia gig I found myself on the streetcar which was waiting behind a garbage truck. We were nearing Darryl's place. It was about quarter to one. I thought he'd be up so I called. He answered and after a bit of chit chat I found out it was his birthday. So I decided to visit.

Getting off the streetcar I went into the nearest convenience store, bought a frozen chocolate cake, 36 birthday candles (it was the last pack and the only candles available), and some matches. After pressing Darryl's buzzer and him letting me in, I took the cake container apart exposing the cake, ripped open the candle package, grabbed the candles in one big bunch, then with a fist I drove the wad of candles into the cake as one lump. Some of the candles around the side of the candle lump went in crooked. This made it difficult to ignite them with the matches. I did this while still walking up the stairs towards the apartment corridor. At one point I had to set the cake down on the floor so I wouldn't catch fire. That whole haste makes waste thing. Knock on the door. Open the door. Instant birthday surprise!

Of course, once seeing the mini bonfire, Darryl had to find his camera to take a picture of the cake-o-flames. Then after doing that and risking fire alarms going off, as by this time the candles were 75% burnt and smoke was billowing off the cake, I had Darryl hold the burning cake so I could break out my camera and take a picture of Darryl blowing out the candles.

All in all it went rather well. No fire alarm. No third degree burns. Yea!


Anonymous said...

Is this the Shrine to Daryll blog or what.

Anonymous said...

is this a Darryl shrine or what.