Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Good Friday Hike

Juley, Marc, Zee, and Sue-ling on some northern ontario trail/drive way

At 9:00am Marc and I set out to meet Zee, his wife Juley and Juley's sister, sue-ling at some far off hiking trail located near Acton. We walked the Bruce Trail and a trail by some other name for about five hours before going to a resturant to eat. The photo above, called the "Superhero picture" by Zee, was taken near the end of the hike.

I had found a water dam and wondered off to take a closer look. The other four decided not to follow me and stood at the entrance to the dam surrounded by plant life looking in my direction. Maybe to see if I would fall off into the water. I don't know.

A nice action shot of Juley throwing a snowball at Zee while Zee takes a picture of Juley with his digital Rebel

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uncaringbear said...

I noticed some of your posts have multiple images. Are you using Hello to upload multiple pics to one posting, or are you manually linking (with HTML) to previously uploaded images?