Monday, September 26, 2005

The Jane Luk Cycle

Jane Luk cycles through the picture taking process.

Today I met up with Jane, a very talented actor/comedian/improv person. I had taken a bunch of pictures last week at the Bad Dog Improv Gala and needed to get the DVD of images to her.

While at Lick's (the local burger joint) I took some pictures. Below is my interpretation of the picture cycle.

Stages of picture taking...

1. what is that a camera? again?
2. Ah well might as well smile.
3. still smiling. hello? Are you going to shoot?
4. smiling is starting to hurt, are you still shooting?
5. can't control laughter.
6. continued from stage 5.
7. Getting under control.
8. Okay that's it. Stop shooting now.

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