Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shrimp and Lobster sauce on rice

Swatow's number 111A. Shrimp and Lobster sauce on rice.

Today being my birthday and the only day of the week that I've managed to get work I still managed to stay out late. After leaving work around 7pm I ended up wandering around queen street seeing what there was to be seen. Went to see the 40 year old virgin at the Paramount. It's a rental. Eventually I ended up at Neutral. A bar just south of College on Augusta that happened to feature punk bands that night. As it was only 10:30 no one was on stage yet.

Deciding that I was hungry I went over to Darryl's to see if he wanted to grab some dinner. I ended up watching some of the new film entries for the porn fest this coming friday. One of them being the final edit of Origasmi, the film by Jill that I helped out on. Whaddya know? It turned out alright and it's even funny. Who knew?

Eventually Darryl and I found ourselves at Swatow. I ordered the Shrimp and lobster sauce on rice dish. If I had a favorite I suppose that would be one of them. Darryl paid for my birthday meal with three minutes to spare (before midnight). He went back to work on the festival and I headed back to Neutral to shoot the punk group "The Threat".


Cupcake said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

When things settle down after my sister's wedding next weekend. I'll cook you and Chic-Chocs your birthday dinners, as last year. I'll send you both a note with a time and date.

Anna Pet said...

Happy Belated Birthday