Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rock Steady

Rock stacking

In my late and brief outing today from the apartment, I didn't get out until the sun was going down, I found myself on the beach looking at these rock sculptures (if you will). Someone actually spends time stacking rocks on top of one another.

As a hobby it would seem this is what your Dad might have told you to do as a kid to A) keep you out of trouble, and B) not spend any money on you. It's right up there with collecting used bottle caps, and or popsicle sticks, maybe even weeding the backyard. With the ability to record TV programs or play video games do kids get out there anymore to collect worms, bugs, eat dirt, trade bubble gum cards? Probably not.

It's just a matter of time before companies package nice cleaned up rocks and sell them as mini stacking kits. You read it here first. It would be like the "Pet Rock" procreated years later. Does anyone know if you can still buy Pet Rocks? Sounds like a question for Roger at Monster Records.

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