Monday, September 12, 2005

Nickle and Dime

For the last few days I've been trying to get work with a company that's known for being very "thrifty". We'll the call the company cheapCo. At the begining of the year I did some work doing a breakdown on a script , went to various meetings and thought I had work. CheapCo kept telling me to show up to followup meetings.

In the end CheapCo went with another company (we'll call Buddy). The thing that made me a little pissed off was that I didn't find out through CheapCo that I wasn't working. I found out through Buddy who in the end used my breakdown to do the work. Did I get paid for the breakdown? No. Unfortunately that's how our business works. We have to do a breakdown in order to figure out how much work is involved so we can give an accurate quote.

So why am I trying to get work from this company? To be honest, they have work to give, I'm not working on anything else, and strategically it helps a friend (at least it helps in his mind) who does work that relates to the work I do. He gets work, we get work and vice versa. It's a small gig and might last a week or so. So why not? I did a break down.

That was a big ass mistake. I got back comments like "What! you want how much?", "We can't afford that.", and my personal favorite "How about if you do it for 20% less and deliver it in half the time? Then in the end you'll be making more money by the hour." Perhaps if I padded the heck out of the quote it might have been a viable solution. But I didn't. Mental note for next time: Pad the quote. Especially for cheap bastards.

I understand the mentality of a manager type "We must get as much work as we can for a little money as possible.". There are those that are good at haggling over price. I'm not one of them. Going into a job I will determine the cost of doing the job based on a number of things.
1) how have my dealings with the company in the past been
2) how badly do I need work
3) difficulty (is this new stuff that needs researching or can I do the job blindfolded)
4) how badly do I want to work for them (the company hiring)
5) work load (number of hours required)

Usually if the first rule is not up to standards I make a decision incorporating rule two, unless of course the company is so repulsive then that superceeds everything else and I try to avoid them like the plague.

I'm fed up with dealing with compnaies like CheapCo. I told them I wasn't dropping my fees. It's not like my landlord charges less rent if I'm not at home. (That said my landlord is great). CheapCo said they'd get back to me.


Zee said...

Your blog is losing that certain, je ne sais quois?

Anonymous said...

I shop with 3 factors in mind - want it, need it, afford it - at least 2 of these criteria must be filled for me to buy something.

I sell with 3 factors in mind - do you want it good, do you want it cheap, do you want it fast - and I will ONLY fill 2 of these criteria. You want it good and cheap, it will not be fast. You want it fast and cheap, it will not be good. You want it good and fast, it will not be cheap. My life is very simple.