Sunday, September 25, 2005

The mouse that crossed the road

The mouse

Tonight I was on my way to a funeral when something on the ground caught my eye. It was a little mouse running out of a variety store. It ran right through traffic right in front of me and then attempted to get into the building across the street. Having the camera out I decided to follow it's progress while waiting for the streetcar. It was a bit humourous as it tried to jump into the hardware store by hopping up and down against the glass door. If the glass hadn't been there it would have made it in. It moved on to a drain pipe, then a corner of a door. No success. In ran back and forth up and down the street until it saw some pedestrians and ran back toward me crossing the street one more time.

The above picture was taken just before a car blocked my view. The driver completely unaware of the mouse's presence squished it while slowing down for a red light. I shot a picture of the aftermath and for some reason the car plates. It wasn't pretty. At least the mouse went swiftly.

The funeral I attended was for the father of one of my dad's friends. As I really didn't know him well, since I was a kid at the time, I do recall some watching the television with him while visiting their home. As with the mouse you really never know how much time one has on this planet. The important thing is to remember the person and all the good memories they've given you.

Joe Sinkiewiez. Born June 16, 1921. Died September 22, 2005

mouse born:?? Died September 25, 2005 19:03

I will miss them both.


Anonymous said...

Where's the pic of smushed mouse?

Anonymous said...

That would be morbid. Let's remember him as he LIVED. his achievements, his heartbreaks.