Thursday, September 22, 2005

My life flashes through my hard drive

The Gaelicum.A virus finally gets booted off my computers.

After almost a week of trying to recover my photo drive, the 300 gig hard drive that houses almost half a million photos (see picture above), I have finally come to a point where things are back up and running. Sure there's still a few glitches in Windows. example: I don't remember having to use regedit to get windows to see large drives (hard drives over 128 Gigs) and for some reason Windows will not read all my DVD data disks. It did before the reinstall. But not now. How odd.

Luckily I didn't lose one picture. Knock on wood. I've got to finish backing up the stuff I've taken since May (of this year) still. It's interesting that it's always when something goes wonky you tell yourself "Gee, If I only backed that stuff up". This particular virus is pretty nasty in that it attaches itself to executable files then spreads to others both on your local drives and over the network. Thanks our friends at Grisoft you can download a free program to get rid of the nasty thing. The executables don't survive however. I lost Panavue 3, a free upgrade of software I downloaded recently.

A lot has happened in the last week. I'm not sure whether to fill in what's happened using past dates for entries or just skip it.

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Zee said...

You should use this as an opportunity to get off of Windows 98.