Monday, October 03, 2005

Boxed In

Loads of boxes at Panavision

Today I went in to Panavision to go over some equipment for an uncoming job. You don't get paid to check out equipment but it's better that you know how the equipment works then to have it "fail" on set while the whole crew stands around wondering why they hired you. Being a playback guy is one of the most unforgiving jobs on a movie set. Usually the client doesn't even know he/she wants playback until the last minute. Even at the last minute they don't always know what's involved. I've walked onto sets numerous times where they assume you know what equipment to use not knowing what format the material is in or what the stuff plays back on.

At Panavision I was given a large room (bigger than my apartment) to fiddle with equipment to be used later on in the week. With all the vast test rooms in some places it's like a warehouse (see above picture) with flight boxes stacked against a wall, on shelving, on top of one another. It reminded me of the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. How do they keep track of all the stuff?

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Anonymous said...

Having worked in a place sort of like that, my experience is: They don't.