Friday, October 07, 2005

Rainy day

Some car I saw on Spadina. I just liked the look of it with the autumn background.

Today I turned down two jobs to have a job interview. The interview was scheduled earlier this week for today. The other job offers came up over the last two days. I tried to get a hold of the company interviewing me but couldn't get through. Then today early in the morning they cancelled my interview to be held next week sometime. Gee, thanks.

On the plus side I've been a little tired with the work I've been doing the last few days so I had more time to sleep. Is was easy as the morning was grey from rain. Eventually I woke up and went to meet Darryl for lunch to drop off the photos from the film fest last week. It was still raining. After lunch I decided to go buy socks and got detoured to the Silver Snail. For some reason I've been craving reading comic books. Not so much for the story but more for the story boarding. If that makes any sense.

Winston Churchill and friend

After picking up a 500 page Green Lantern showcase book (black and white newsprint), for only $10, I ended up walking toward City Hall and the statue of Churchill with bird on his head. Shortly after doing the rounds and because it was still raining I decided to go back home.

On the way home however, I stopped off at Vistek and rented a 105mm Nikkor micro lens. The other lens I'd like to buy. Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, I basically have the lens until tuesday on a one day rental. Whee! The rental was about $26 after tax. Not bad.

Later on at Lisa's martini party people went up to look at the attic. I decided to stay downstairs and shoot the cats with the new lens.

"Normal", Lisa's 1 year old kitten

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