Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Great Blue Heron

Close up of the great blue heron

Today I made my way back to High park. As it's one of the bigger parks in Toronto I found myself at a different location than the one I was at a few days earlier. Today I spent most of my time shooting this bird, the great blue heron. It was pretty fascinating to watch as it slowly walked around looking for fish. Evey now and then it would lunge it's beak into the water. About one in five times it would come up with a small fish.

The bird spots a fish.

I think I was more amazed that there were that many small fish in the pond than the fact the bird caught and ate them all. The pond water looks pretty scummy. There's plastic crap floating around with other nasty looking debris. It's a wonder anything lives in there at all.

With surgical precision it catches a fish.

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