Thursday, October 20, 2005

Silver Elvis, a Beaver, and a bunch more people in silver

Silver Elvis (for more info check out

One might think that the combination of these three items would be the signalling of the apocalypse. Either that or one should buy a lottery ticket or there's a pig somewhere flying out of a person's butt. Whatever the case, it was all very entertaining.

Beaver Guy

I found out that the beaver walking around with a guy in a banana suit (not pictured as the suit was kinda of lame) were some guys promoting a band called the "Bloodhound Gang". They were doing a bit of self promotion in front of the Much Music/CityTV building.

"Is there a radiation leak somewhere I should know about?"

As for the Silver people, that I can't really explain. At first I just thought it was a couple in some outlandish rain coats, but then there were more of them. I was reminded of the bits and bites snack that you buy in boxes. There are two silver bags in those boxes containing the food. Okay they were not preserving themselves for later consumption.

Next, something more plausible, I did hear on the radio that there was this new underwear made with silver that prevented underwear stink. Could this be an ad campaign?

A Wizard of Oz try out for the tin man? A Silver Surfer movie? A new solar sheeting for insulation? A Jiffy pop ad campaign? A silver man group because being blue was taken? TV dinners? Aluminum foil promotions? The list seemed to go on and on.

In the end I never found out what they were doing in the silver suits.


Zee said...

A new underwear that prevents stink? Does this mean you can drop a load in your pants and noone will be the wiser?

Happy days are here!

BagelHot said...

I suppose it would depend on if it were dry or wet in that case.