Saturday, October 15, 2005

The lightbulbs are nice...

One of the lightbulbs hanging over the counter at the bar in Camera

After a night of staying awake due to some kind of food illness. I'm not sure if it was food poisoning, coming down with something or a bit of both. I used most of the day to sleep. I even missed the weekly 11am dim sum meet. My sides felt bruised probably from all that upchucking action the night before. That along with my body being sore every where. Aches, pains, and things I'd imagine I'd feel on a regualr basis once I'm old. Spoken like a true nursing home veteran.

I did manage to crawl out of bed and slide into some clothes in order to go to Camera (1028 Queen street west). About a week ago, Daniel, the same friend that produced a half hour suspense short had asked me if I wanted to attend the screening just in case he couldn't make it and on the off chance someone in the audience had a technical question. I said "sure". That was a week ago. Today I felt pretty wiped out. Along with the bruised stomach and slight pounding headache I decided to go out of duty.

The hilight of the evening was ordering and eating a pizza slice just before the films. The three films lasted two and a half hours and for those two and a half hours I was trying to keep said pizza slice down. It was one of those times if someone wanted me to vommit on command I could do it. All night there was a little piece of something at the back of my throat. Coughing it out would only open the flood gates of recycled pizza mayhem. Oh what fun.

While waiting for the movies to start we (Michelle and I) waited at the bar. I ordered a Coke and that's when I noticed the lightbulbs (see picture above). They were kind of neat and for about 30 seconds took my mind off the pizza trying to get out. By the time the films were finished I felt more like myself. The urge to orally slop pizza everywhere subsided. What a better time than now to order a Hero burger with fries... and an iced tea.

The food went down fairly easily and I eventually made it home without incident.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. Charming entry.

Focusing on the brighter side (ooo, there's a few puns there!) I love photo-ing lights! It's fun, and my favourite is macro pictures of the black paint flaking off neon signs. I had a favourite restaurant with particularly old and accessable neon signs, as well as super Indian food, but alas, they are gone now. Too bad, at least I have a few pictures for the memories...