Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sparrow by any other name.

Yes... that is a peanut.

House Sparrow? Chipping Sparrow? One of the problems with the book is they both look very similar.


After more careful examination my conclusion is that it's a house Sparrow. An interesting fact. 8 pairs of house sparrows were brought to North America from Europe in 1850 to deal with cankerworms in crops.

This data comes from the book mentioned before (sometime this week). The factoid kind of reminds me of the hamster thing where all hamsters in North America are desendants from a couple of hamsters found in some desert.

Here's some info that you can use to amaze or scare your friends (you determine which)...

Hamster Factoid #1
The average Hamster will crawl on the average of two miles a day. There's got to be a way to power up my game boy at least from the tread mill alone.

Hamster Factoid #2
If you start with two hamsters at the beginning of the year and give them all the space and food they require you will have a million by the end of the year. And you thought rabbits were good at being busy.


Cupcake said...

Asha says "awwww".

BagelHot said...

Maybe I should do a kids book. "The Bird that ate... until it exploded from too much fun." For some reason I can see that that's what uncaringbear might write. The last part anyway.

Anonymous said...

Remember Capt'n Blynn? Hampsters live on average 3 years, but Blynn spent his 4th year walking, climbing & crawling probably about ten miles a day. Do you have any old pictures of Blynn?