Monday, January 30, 2006

A Hot Dog today makes everything okay

Hot dogs and sausages on Queen street cheap cheap cheap

After feeling dupped into giving up real work for work that could be non-existant, I wondered along Queen street to continue with my on going hobby of photography. My spirits picked up when I saw that the "Street Meat of Queen Street" was on sale again.

Usually a sausage on a bun (with fixins) will run you about $3.00. For some reason, at the corner of Queen and Spadina, the prices have dropped by a dollar. Perhaps this is the result of the two or three vendors on the same corner competing for customers. It's also a possiblity that they are just buying cheaper, fattier meat.

The end result of that dollar off, whatever the the reasons were, perked my interest enough to pick one up. So obviously the cheapo pricing works on some people. After loading the bun with red peppers, corn relish, mustard, and onions I continued my trek down to yonge street where eventually I hopped on the streetcar to head for home.


dragonfly said...

you do know that hotdogs are made out of lips and assholes, don't you!

BagelHot said...

...and according to some hot dogs also contain up to 2% of rat doodie. You're talking to someone that eats chicken feet at dim sum

waste not want not.