Friday, January 27, 2006

Room with a view

Looking out of the old factory window at another factory

The space I've been sharing and using as a studio has a washroom with a large wall filled mainly with frosted windows. Somewhere in the center there's one window pane that's clear and looking out you can clearly see the smokestack on top of another factory across the street.

Although both buildings are no longer factories, they've been converted to offices and large studio spaces, I always thought it odd that they keep the smoke stack. Are they still used? Was it too expensive to tear it down? Is it part of some historic program the city has that keeps it intact?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Derek,

When I was working close to your studio a year or more ago, they were actually repairing that very stack, so I think that it serves a purpose. I think that they still use it to belch warm dirty industrial age smoke into the suffering lungs of fellow Torontonians.