Saturday, January 28, 2006

Toronto Trivia

The Old Toronto City Hall (there's a newer one across the street)

It was one of those days where I could have easily hibernated in my apartment working on some indoor photography. Only by getting a call from Michelle did I find out it was sunny and relatively warm outside. It was about 3pm when I convinced myself that I should go out to pay next months bills and maybe see what was going on downtown at the same time.

At Queen and Bay street, in front of the old city hall, you could hear what sounded like mexican fiesta music coming from across the street. Before walking over there I noticed that the old city hall was lit pretty nicely by the sun and the reflection of the sun off of the Eaton Centre's mirror-like windows. I decided to pull out the camera and take a couple of snaps before investigating what was going on across the street.

As a side note, a long time ago when I took urban geography, one of those summer school courses that your parents send their kids to to keep them out of trouble, I found out that the face of the architect of the old city hall had his face among all the other faces on one of the columns (the right one when you face the building, next to the main entrance).

The face with a moustache is the architect.

It's one of those obscure, but cool, Toronto things that not really that many people seem to know. That and that the old City Hall tower looks straight down Bay street on purpose.

After examining the old city hall building and documenting it witht he D70 I went across the street. The mexican music was part of some winter festival going on at Nathan Phillips Square (the public space in front of the new city hall). It was packed with people, both skating, and just wandering around looking at what appeared to be people dressed up as fat, naked (shaved) sheep. I didn't really get a good look or any good photos of the sheep people. Kids seemed to be entertained.

Getting outside turned out to be interesting. Who would have known? It just goes to show you that nothing interesting will happen to you if you don't get your ass out of the apartment from time to time.

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