Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How the West was won

Home made shooting gallery in the basement

Neil Hollands, a friend of mine, back in the days of multimedia and speaker support seemed to always come up with kooky ideas that I don't think anyone else, or a very select few, would dream up let alone go through with undertaking the task of actually bringing said ideas to fruition. Years later (ie. today) I have found that he's still active and creating these masterpieces.

For the western themed party, Westuvus, he put together a black light shooting gallery down in his basement. It was coin (loonie) operated even. When you fired the light gun at a target a shirt would puff up, a dish would spin, eyes would light up, and so on. It was pretty amazing.

Seeing work like this is, for me, is pretty inspirational as it's a movtivates me to get off my ass and work on something just for the fun of it.

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Anonymous said...

...Would that we all had the time (and money) to "get off [our] ass[es] and work on something just for the fun of it." Sigh. Kudos to those of us that do it!!