Monday, January 23, 2006

I want to believe

Apartment, vacuummed even

Much like the sighting of a UFO, the sasquatch, or Nessie it seems that if I tell someone I'm going to clean my living space I get responses like "Yeah right", "Sure you go on and keep believing that.", "o-kaaay" (said the person as he/she slides across the wall and out of the room).

Granted one of the biggest sceptics would be Zee, my electrocuted lab partner, and room mate of years past. If anyone, he would be the one to not believe or comprehend my saying "I'm going to clean my apartment" as "I'm going to go to sleep" or "I'm going to optimize my hard drive". These are actions I have taken in the past and for Zee are things totally within my grasp of activities.

To pick up a vacuum, mop, broom, wear gloves to scrub tiles, or take a tooth brush (not current) to get guk out from around the sink faucet is rare. Very rare indeed. Zee has seen, first hand, the results of generations of pack rat activites or "saving", as some people like to call it. It's no wonder that his head fills with negativity and nay saying. Cheetahs don't change their spots after all.

bathroom - could be a set for Kubrick's 2001.

Much like the UFO there are times that I will clean (YES CLEAN) but usually it takes place when no one is watching or is present. I must be really bored, I am procrastinating from doing something else, or there's a female involved. The later is a great motivator and as sad as it sounds if it weren't for the opposite sex I'd probably be living my dream as a couch potato.

When your dream is to buy a TV projector to beam on the ceiling to watch movies without getting out of bed, and without leaning at odd angles you know you're taking couch potatoing to new levels. As an aside I haven't figured out the eating thing as I can't eat while lying down. Perhaps if you were in a hospital bed and the ceiling curved so that the image from the LCD projector bolted to your bed was always at a perpendicular axis to your eye line.... obviously you would need a conveyor belt to bring the food from a refridgerated or microwavable area so you wouldn't have to get up.... except to go to the bathroom. There's always the jar option (for doing number 1 at least)... but I digress.

Back to the cleaning entry...
I figured I should really have included a newspaper so you'd know the images were current but if big foot wasn't carrying the paper than why should I pay the dollar to try to convince you the reader.

Shelf organization at it's best.

In case you're wondering why the images are in black and white, the answer is two fold...
a) I wanted to capture the feel of the big foot photos (I suppose I could have shook the camera a bit to give it that blurry feel).
b) my D70, as of today, is in the shop (Nikon) getting it's sensor cleaned so I had to shoot this with the 990. The D70 doesn't take black and white images anyway.

I found out today that normal cleaning of the D70 costs $80. However Nikon (at least Nikon Canada) allows you to get your first cleaning for FREE. Woo Hoo! It's still a trek to get out there but it couldn't have better timing. The turn around time for a cleaning, for a non-NPS owner is 48 hours.

NPS stands for Nikon Professional Services. In order to take part in the NPS program you are required to own two PRO camera bodies and at least two PRO lenses. You also have to have a bunch of tear sheets to be considered for the title. Right now the only PRO digital body is the D2X. yikes.

Back to cleaning the apartment... Just so people don't think I've been possessed by some Molly Maid, my computer desk is still in it's current state of stuff heap-ness. I said I would clean I didn't say it would last more than a day.

It is possible that while visiting Cupcake for christmas she played some christmas music with brain washing encryption giving me urges to neatify my apartment. We'll never know.

Jingle Bells, Apartment Smells,
Make it nice and clean,
Use a scrubber and some soap
vacuum dust that's seen.

repeat first verse

Scrubbing all the surfaces,
making your face seen,
it's not in a mirror,
it's the toilet clean.


Cupcake said...

I'm soooo proud of your efforts BagelHot! Your place looks great! Here's a bit of cleaning tip, it's easier to maintain a clean home. Whenever you take something from it's place, just remember to put it back rather than piling up.

Congratulations! Your efforts look great.

theotherbear said...

Woweee! That looks great, very impressed. I think it's all about having enough storage places to put things away in. Now, if you want to attract the fairer sex, don't forget to put the toilet seat down.

BagelHot said...

I knew someone was going to comment on that. For this instance the toilet seat is up for picture purposes. So you can see the clean reflective bowl.

Ever since seeing the X-files episode with the cat monster I've always kept the seat and lid down to give the rats a harder time trying to climb into my apartment from the sewer.

Although up to this point rats have never, knock on wood, come into any of my apartments ever. A rat did make it into one of my friends basements once through the toilet. It was really, really, big.

Just thinking about that makes me want to go by a brick so I can put more weight on the lid.

My bathroom door is usually closed.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty freaking amazing. I haven't seen your place look that clean since before you moved in. Does it still look like that today? And here's a trick question: what does your "spare" room" look like?

Zee said...

Nice job. Let's see how long it lasts....I give it 2 weeks. :)

BagelHot said...

I don't know. Two weeks seems like a pretty long time.

theotherbear said...

Rats climbing up the s bend and popping out the loo? Eew! Is that for real? That sounds like the old stories about crocodiles in the sewers after being flushed down when they got too big. When I was a kid I was scared of the toilet and was convinced a monstor lived in there that woke up when you flushed. So when flushing, I was always in position to run for my life down the hall as soon as I'd hit the flush button. Yes, I think I was a disturbed child...

Sock Monty said...

I think I'm going to be scared of the washroom now...eee!