Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mister Fish

Mister Fish looks at me looking at him

My sleep schedule has finally evened out with me getting up at 4am and going to sleep at 7pm. It's still al little wonky but at least I'm getting the 8 or 9 hours of sleep in a row. The hilight of the day was to visit the friend that has to do taxes and shoot his fish while he sorted through the little pieces of paper.

I'm not really sure what the fish's name is. It's the same fish I shot last March. Last March as well as today I managed to get the name of the fish only to forget it almost instantly. Hey not every day can be packed with action, drama and bikini girls. This year I thought I'd try shooting Mr. Fish with less even lighting to give that more dramatic look.

When you watch movies and you're way down under water with a submarine it's pretty dark. This was the look I was trying to achieve. As the room with the aquarium was pretty well lit I had to use a fast shutter speed to make the aquarium dark. I then used my sb-800 to light the fish from the side. I forgot to bring my flash cables so I used the SB-800 in slave mode while covering the flash on my camera with my hand so you don't get any reflection in the glass.

After a few flashes which would normally stun most fish, I would think, Mister Fish just floated there looking at me (see above picture). As fish don't smile I wonder if he was pissed off, trying to pose, or wondering where the hell the fish food was.

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