Monday, January 16, 2006

Office Mishaps

Bad day at work? Good thing you weren't here.

For some bizarre reason (and maybe to tie this text entry in with the blog picture) I started reading some reports on injuries at work. The most common injury in an office environment is falling. Here are the more common occurances...

- tripping over an open desk or file drawer
- bending while seated in an unstable chair
- tripping over electrical cords or wires
- using a chair or stack of boxes in place of a ladder
- slipping on wet floors
- loose carpeting
- objects stored in halls or walkways
- poor lighting

According to the same report office workers have 2 to 2.5 times the disabling injury rate of falls compared to non-office types. So I guess it pays not to work in an office environment if one wants to improve the odds of not falling and becoming disabled.

So to all you blog readers out there using a tiny table for a ladder/step stool, and you know who you are, stop using the tiny table.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I can say I got to use the outtakes boxes from the movie "The Shipping News" (this was a few years ago now) as a ladder. I bet I'm the only person who can say that! fact, I know I'm the only person who can say that, 'cause I was the one who had to go digging thru the outs for their f***ing missing shots. (over 40 frickin boxes of outs, piled eight high, which is taller than my arms can reach!) And yes. I did hurt myself.

Sock Monty said...

Oh, alright, I'll get down off this little tabaaaagggh!!! (Whump! Crash!!)