Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photo test day

Emmanuel, the "me, myself, and I" photo

I was fiddling around these last few days using my panoramic gear. Emmanuel volunteered to be my subject and we used his apartment to shoot in. As I'm not really into photoshop for fixing up photos, I do like using it every now and then to alter reality.

There are too many photographers that rely heavily on photoshop. It has become, in my opinion, a tool to save their asses on such a regular basis that they get lazy and forget to improve their camera skills.

That said, photoshopping is an art unto itself. Used by the right people can get pretty nice, if not incredible results. In the wrong hands... crap (ie. those ads where the model is missing an arm or has skin with no pores). For more photoshop disasters click here.

1 comment:

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

So cool we could do this shoot Derek because this fantastic photo now represents the legacy of the home I just moved out of. Thanks my friend!