Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Power of Fashion

A deflated Santa

So now with a bunch of employment coming my way I decided to do what I'd normally do, go outside for a walk. I found myself scoping out the new location for fashion week. It looks like a dumpy warehouse. This is at least the second location that had been picked by the fashion council for this season's catwalks. I'm not sure why they picked this place or why they didn't stay with the previous places.

Do you live in a haunted house?

The area looks pretty dumpy as a lot of it is still under construction. Not only that available parking around here didn't seem to be in abundance. Throw in some potted plants and red carpet, kablam, the new place for fashion week. Heck, they did a good job with the unused car dealership building last year.

30 ordinance street, "the power of style"

Liberty street

A dog sign

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