Monday, November 08, 2010

Captian Hill versus Gravity

Today while cleaning out parts of the hamster cage, I plucked Captain Hill from out of the sleep pod and placed her on a chair with a towel on it. She seemed content to sit in the middle and clean herself.

After a while, as most hamster do, she got curious and started crawling around. Nose twitching, possibly searching for that hidden peanut, she crawled around the chair in an orderly pattern, stopping, smelling and moving on.

At a certain point she stopped at the edge and looked down. At this point I was taking more photos of her than doing any actual cleaning. She started to reach down and slowly started to creep further and further until only her back feet were holding her.

I grabbed her and plopped her back to the middle of the seat. She crawled around a bit more then returned to the edge and started looking over the edge and then, again, started the descent toward the floor.

It was at this point that I thought should I grab her or take a photo then grab her.

The point of no return

I placed a pillow on the floor beneath her then I took the photo (see above). Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to catch her. Her back landed on the footrest of the chair as she bounced off of it, missing the pillow, and hit the floor. D'oh. It was at this point that I grabbed her and put her into the clean cage.

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Laer said...

My hamsters used to do that all the time, too... the traditional slo-mo forward slide and plop.