Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dance to that happy place

Serge stands as a lighting model. Looking good!

Erin needed some photos of her teaching dance lessons to kids. I was a bit worried about taking photos of kids. Specifically ones with parents. Parents can get touchy about photos of their kids floating around the web. As it turned out Erin had already thought of this and had the parents sign a wavier letting us take the photos.

Since I was taking photos anyway I though a way to make more money and share the work with the parents would be to sell the photos to the parents themselves. From past events I have found that it really isn't worth taking orders, going off to a print house, then shipping the photos. I actually dislike all that work and would rather be off photographing other stuff. Plus no one really wants to pay for my time to do all that shipping stuff.

Erin teaches the kids to dance

Colin, one of my photographer friends in Detroit, uses a web service on the web called Zenfolio. You can see and buy his photo work here at 'shot on a whim photography'. I had been looking at the service for a while but didn't really have a gig to pay for it or make it worth my while. until now.

The nice thing about this service is that certain galleries that are made can be password protected. A very important feature if you're taking photos of kids. It can also be used for photo shoots where you only want the photos accessed by the clients.

And so... the Bagelhot photo store was born.

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