Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Welcome to the neighbourhood

The oatmeal waffle door to door delivery

The highlight today was getting a house warming gift from Irmina. While taking Finn (her son) to school she dropped off some oatmeal waffles, blueberries, syrup, biolife dish soap, cleaning fluid and a homemade cotton dish rag. Not only would I have something to eat today but I'd also be able to clean up after myself should I be a slob. All while being environmentally conscience - the dish rag was hand knitted. I must put emphasis on this as there was probably a lot of effort going into this. Can we say "Wow!"?

This was great, even better than getting rolls of bathroom tissue1. Not only because the food tasted great but because in the move all my cookware, dishes and food have been hidden from me. Hiding in moving boxes that have been dumped in random order in my new apartment. Looking for a can opener I found a Wii steering wheel. Chaos would be one word to describe my belongings.

Making breakfast was looking grim without any cookware, or utensils. That's about the time Irmina called to say she was going to drop by. It was a bonus that the stuff she was dropping off was food.

The waffles, the syrup in a cup, underneth blueberries in a Chinese take away container, environmentally friendly cleaning spray, and dish soap, with a hand knit dish rag.


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The new place

It works like a mug

Having just moved... yet again... I'm in the phase where I don't know where anything is. All my stuff (food, cooking gadgets, computers, entertainment, clothing) is packed away into boxes. Also the new place has to be learned. Where to put your hand to turn on or off a light switch, the odd noises the house makes, the ninja cat, water temperature, faucet water flow, and the geography of the apartment in general (placement of stairs, doors, things that can be tripped over).

I wanted to drink something other than water and managed to find the powered hot chocolate container. Found the kettle. The only thing missing was a spoon and a mug. Eventually I found the spoons, forks, knives, and sporks in a labeled tupperware bin. I couldn't find my mug. I only have one. It's an extra large mug that I bought in San Francisco while eating sushi at the airport. I did eventually find a measuring cup.