Monday, October 06, 2014

Early morning walk to work

Heading to work early in the morning

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Home Depot for Goo

The stock yards Home Depot

Looking for adhesive to make a blimp.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Busy Day

Free Poutine/Poutine Eating Contest

I walked downtown to visit the camera store to buy a UV filter for my camera blimp project.  On the way I stumbled upon a poutine eating contest at Yonge and Dundas.  Smoke's poutine was celebrating it's fifth year in business.  To celebrate they were giving away free poutine in one area and having an eating contest in another.

Group against the ivory trade

Right next to the all you can eat potato extravaganza was a march to increase awareness of the ivory trade.  I always wondered who these walks were aimed at.  It's a weekend.  Not a lot of people were really paying attention with the exception of waiting for them to pass.  I wondered if there was a more efficient way to help the rhinos.  I like the idea of getting up off your couch or office chair and actually doing something real, more real then clicking a 'like' button.  I somehow felt that the message these people were trying to spread wasn't getting received.

Second Outing

The Sony 95mm UV filter came out to about $400.00.  It's a lot of money for a small round piece of glass.  Included was a nice white pouch with a magnetic clip. Insert "wooo" here.

From the camera store I took transit back home and napped.  When I came to it was around 6:00pm and I was on my way to meet some friends for dinner.

Nuit Blanche

On Queen and John there was this dinosaur like installation.  Some sky lifts with potted plants.  I thought it was neat.  After dinner Tony and I walked down to the Tiff building where they had HAL 9000 take your photo.  The photo showed up on a URL but I still don't have it.  My photo will probably show up in a newsletter for TIFF or some such thing.  Meh.

It's HAL 9000

Virus testers...

Tony gets tested

INFECTED...  has to report to Nathan Phillips Square by midnight.

Window displays

The Virus gathering

15 minutes past midnight still nothing happening

It's cold and still nothing happening...

Adam photo bombing; what he does best.

Look it's Mia Culprit ala TORD

Posing on a dark street

Adam and his bike

self-portrait.  I look pissed off.

The Maze

The best installation of the night (that I saw)

Gosia (on the right) with her cousin

Musical elves

Light up art

Aly at the Lakeview

Friday, October 03, 2014

Leanna's Wedding

Leanna (the bride) and me

Friday?  Who gets married on a Friday?  My friend/makeup artist Leanna did and it was a good thing I double checked the invite.  I initially read it wrong and thought it was Saturday (which was when the post wedding brunch took place).  Luckily I looked at the invite again and saw the Friday date.

The hard part was getting off work.  Taking the day off when you're a department of one doesn't just cut into your wallet, in order to leave work; as a responsible worker; I had to find someone to cover me.  I didn't prove an easy task as there are not a lot of 24 frame playback operators out there that are familiar with the set I work on.  It came down to a handful of people, less than a handful.  One was just starting a vacation and wouldn't be in town, another was on another show and the third was missing in action.  Eventually I managed to find the third and as luck would have it he wasn't working; but more importantly he was available to work on my show.

The second problem was getting out to the barn that the wedding was taking place in.  The location was between Toronto and Kingston.  Since I don't have a car that would mean renting one.  As luck would have it Greg and Beth had the same idea about a car rental and offered me a lift.  I split the car expense with them.  It was a win win.

Beth and Greg

Sometime before the wedding Leanna asked if I could help out with some flashes for a photo booth.  I had a spare camera and some triggers so I set up a tiny studio looking toward the barn wall decorated with Christmas lights.  The camera was prefocused and the trigger made the set up easy to use.  Press a button and click your photo was being taken.  We managed to get a few hundred photos of people having fun dressing up and framing themselves.

Me and the wedding photographer

Beth and Jen

The table setting

Getting married in a barn.  That's what I heard.  It seemed weird.  I didn't see any photos of the location.  I thought there might be animals.  I thought well that ought to make for some nice photos.  When I walked in I was amazed.  It was a really nice venue...  and I'd still get some good photos.

Inside the barn

Greg parked next to the farm

The outside of the barn

Leanna and Daniel achievement level:  Married

Greg and Beth

The first dance

Showing how to move sparklers while keeping face in focus

The Wedding conga line

The wedding ended up being a lot of fun. Greg, Beth and I stayed until about 10pm. We took down the photo booth, packed up the costumes and frames and drove back to Toronto. I got home around midnight and realized I still had a weekend... yay!