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CHIN picnic 2014

Francois Mulder sings "Forget You"

Winners of the Mister and Miss CHIN swimwear contest

Friday, June 27, 2014

Motorcycle After Work

Simon (from Props) rides along side us going home

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Craft Girls

Katie and Karen

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Photography in dreary weather

Joe Kicak, guy of adventure.

On the way to Joe's car to grab some work gear from the trunk, I noticed the crazy cloud formation in the sky. I commented saying that I should have my camera to photograph it. Joe then blurted "Get your camera". It didn't take much convincing, I ran back inside grabbed my Nikon, ran back out, then started framing the sky to take some photos.

"Ugh, the trees are in the way", I said while looking for a nice opening.

"Why don't you go up onto the roof?" remarked Joe.

"What? how?"

"The ladder is right there".

Moments later we were on the roof. I took a few photos of the storm heading toward us. I also managed to take some photos of Joe in the foreground. To be honest he was standing in the way of my stormy cloud photo taking so I figured I'd just include him in the shot rather than trying to crop him out in camera and have to go through the effort of changing my position on the roof. It was then that I started to shout out directions of standing still to pose, turn that way, turn this way. It became an impromptu mini photo shoot.

The photo shoot ended when we started to get pelted by big blobs of rain drops followed shortly by the sounds of thunder in the distance. "Okay, time to leave." and we rushed back down off the building and back inside. I never did get my gear from the car at that time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

That Comedian Guy

Rebecca looks stunned but she's nicely lit.

"You're YOU!!!".  This was the greeting when all the pieces of the puzzle clicked in when I met Sam.  He was Rebecca's friend and so became my friend.  As she doesn't generally hand out with weirdos or crazy people (that I know of) Sam seemed like a nice guy. 

At some point during his explanation of being in Toronto and that he was from Texas a lightbulb turned on in my head.  Stories from Rebecca describing this guy and it all fell into place and I blurted out "You're YOU!!!".

Melanie and Rebecca

We met at the high park bootcamp and all went out for sushi afterward.  All you can eat sushi.  It's always a task trying to eat everything that we've ordered in the past.  Today was no different.  Sam said he could eat a lot but even with those skills on our side we still ordered a little too much and I ended up feeling like I needed a wheel barrow to help get me home.

Sam Demaris in Toronto

Sam and Fred on the subway

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Early Morning Start

Mini Hoff (Krystie-Anne) waiting at the bus stop