Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Packets of C17, vomit, and other delusions.

Sleeping on packets of C17, the president's running shoes, a pair of black nikes and a pair of white, not being able to sleep...  For four days.  This has all accumulated into other thoughts; are my pants stretching, my shoes seem bigger too.  Why can't I sleep?  I've been looking at the clock for over 6 and a half hours.

Packets of c17?   They are like mini backpacks and are just like robot starter blocks.   Maybe that's why I have so many.  Making a blanket or mattress out of them is difficult as you feet and head have to be aligned in such a way.

Flash.   I'm on a bus getting some neocitran.  The look of death is in my eyes.   I'm on autopilot.  For no reason at all I break into a sweat.  Just profusely sweating.  I don't think anyone is noticing but my body feels like it decomposing.  I stagger, I get off the bus.

This has been my day today, wafting in and out of reality, with the odd thing to check off my todo list.  Add a small but annoying migraine and you're almost there.   C17 packets?   They don't exist.  The president's shoes?  I have no idea why that even popped up.

Stretchy pants, larger shoes?   Turns out I lost 20 pounds since being on this show.

Just finished drinking a cup of neocitran.  My last ditch effort to get sleep.   My body is sooo tired, my brain is tired, why can't I fall asleep?


I wrote the above while in a semi-awake state while trying to sleep.  I would come in and out of sleep and these vivid dreams.  Unfortunately my skills at writing while in the sleepy state does not read well now that I'm awake. 

The C-17 is the plane I was working on in real life.  I had been photographing it for days in various stages and I think I was taking those packets of emergen-C for extra vitamin C at the time.  I'm not sure where the running shoes fit in or why they were the President's.

Over the course of thr show I did lose 20 pounds.  Mostly from being sick or from carrying all the gear around the Dominican Republic, maybe a little bit of eating healthier.  I found the food in the Dominican to be not as fatty as the food I usually eat.