Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kensington: Land of photo rich opportunities

It wasn't my intention to wander around Kensington market.  I was actually walking through to get to the usual dim sum place that I've been going to since visiting the AGO back in April.   I would order some congee and lose myself in thought while drinking Coke out of a glass bottle.  Not really sure what started that weekend pilgrimage.  The food is okay.  The prices are a little more expensive but I think the thing I like about the restaurant is that there is always a seat free.

I didn't have any plans for the weekend.  Specifically I didn't have any plans for today.  Peppy, my hamster, died last night. Kind of sad actually.  I wanted to be doing something, anything, to get my mind off the dead rodent in my fridge.  When I arrived home last night rigor mortis had set in and Peppy's body was stinking up the cage.  I put the body in a small milk carton, then into a ziplock bag, and carefully placed her above the fruit section of my refrigerator.  Ideally I'd like to bury her next to Captain Hill.

In Kensington on the way to dim sum I bumped into Dave one of the photographers and shortly after we bumped into Vicki another photographer from the toronto photo walks group.

We ended up all going to Kim Moon bakery.  Ate, talked, and then returned to the market to get some photos.  It was a nice distraction.  Below are some of the photos I took while in the area.

The Hippie Van

Small Dog

I like these clouds for photography

Happy Dog

Vicki with a sock puppet

The Sock Guy

A unicycle and FIRE!

Avoiding the jerk with a phone camera putting his arm right in front of my camera

Dave posing before leaving

Hole in a tree for telephone cables

Coconut Shrimp at the Thai Lime