Saturday, May 26, 2012

Somebody's watching me

The apartment creeper

Around 7:30am I woke up to see two eyes staring back at me.  It creeped me out at first until my brain kicked in and I realized that it was the neighbour's cat, Bonita, peering at me through the celler window.  I think she was there to say "Hi" to Captain Hill whose cage is located close by on the kitchen counter under the same window.

Once I made eye contact the cat then started meowing.  When I didn't respond appropriately (I rolled over to face away from the cat in order to continue sleeping) the cat started clawing the window screen making sound that could be compared to nails on a chalk board. My sleep these days is pretty sacred to me while I work such long hours during the week so I eventually got up and closed the open window to muffle the scratching noise. Bonita persisted and eventually I woke up and went upstairs to pet the attention starved cat.

In hindsight I suppose going upstairs to pet the cat was a bad thing as I've given the cat positive reinforcement to do the same thing some other morning.