Sunday, April 25, 2010

We're going to do what they say can't be done...

Sunday. I don't remember much. I woke up to the sound of clicking keys. Diane was on the other side of the room sitting in the dark with only her face illuminated by the household computer monitor. One of Tush's dogs was lying on my feet. I couldn't tell which one. I was too tired.

As foggy as my brain was, I did manage to roll over enough to grab my camera though. While some people would automatically think I grabbed the camera to take photos of Diane (pictured below) I was actually seeing what time it was. I couldn't find my watch. I'd find it later on the floor (most likely where I put it the night before where I wouldn't lose it).

Diane checking the internet.

Diane, seeing that I was awake, suggested going for breakfast. The thought of breakfast in Montreal is pretty much the thought of any food in Montreal. "Where? When?" I suddenly became quite alert. Jumped out of bed (off the couch) and started getting ready to leave.

We managed to wake Kellie and despite her grogginess got her to join us. It's not like she had much of a choice, we were driving to breakfast with her car. Diane's choice for breakfast was Cora's. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it for early morning meals. You can get crepes, fruit, and eggy items that are quite tasty. They are known for the large amounts of fruit that show up on your plate.

From there it was off to the arena. Seven hours of photography went by. The Filles du Roi placed number one this year, followed by La Racaille, then the Contrabanditas and in forth place Toronto's Gore Gore Girls.

We didn't stay long, packed the car with all the gear, added Miss Carriage to our passenger list, got a fat sandwich at Santropol, then were on the highway to see if we could get back to Toronto and Hamilton to get enough sleep before the next day at work.

I arrived in Toronto at 1:55am. I woke up 4 hours and 5 minutes later to head out to work. Despite not really having enough time to spend with everyone there, it was good to see them live and in person. Facebook can only do so much. It was a great weekend.

"Think this is a derby vehicle?"

Cheese Grater (#298) the ex-steeltown tank girl plays against Hamilton's Death Row Dames

Beater Pan-tease's yellow umbrella

Steeltown Tank girls reunited!

Giving that "Go ahead and win" speech.

Tush and Trash block the Iron Wench

Read arm.

Bambi is thwarted again by Montreal

The douches are at it again,

This year's trophy.

Georgia W. Tush rides the inside line

Dust Bunny and Cheese Grater at the jam line

Who are these people? (it's Classic Joker and Anya Face)

Cool photographers wear cool merch and you can too (

Quadzilla jumps a bunch of people.

Iron Wench skates with Smack Daddy not too far behind.

The Rev takes photos of Jess Bandit

Derby Love

Filles du Roi win first place

The Montreal Roller Derby League

Just because you couldn't make the game doesn't mean you're not remembered.

Nicolas Charest, probably one of the best derby photographers in Canada

Waiting for food at Santrolpol

"Hey, there's cats running around."

The sandwich of awesomeness arrives in front of me.

The Santropol Patio

A woman who brought her bird to the restaurant... "Watch out for the cats."

Sun set during the ride back home.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a long way to go and a short time to get there...

The third annual Beast of East was to start at 8am. We had already determined that we wouldn't make it there that early. It's a five and a half to six hour drive. I wouldn't get off from work until at least 00:30 to 01:00.

It was a last minute thing but I managed to convince Kellie into going. She wanted to go but didn't have anyone to go with and was sitting on the fence. My determination to go, even if I had to rent a car some how and drive myself, must have been contagious. WE WERE GOING. period.

Due to lack of sleep planning on getting to Montreal for the 8am start time was out. We planned a 10am estimate, which was in the end an optimistic one. Even though we switched driver seats a few times we still had to pull over at a few parking lots to sleep. By the time we made it to the arena it was 1:00pm.

I took photos all day and then a few at the after party. By 1am I was hitting a wall. Needed sleep bad. Not even the thought of going for bagels could keep me awake.

We crashed on couches belonging to Georgia w. Tush and Mark.

The trip unfolded as follows...

00:30 finished my on set work for today

02:00 arrived home, started packing

03:50 Kellie arrives from Hamilton picks me up and we're off to Montreal.

05:48 Kellie stops at this parking lot to nap (N44 04.431 W77 46.040)

06:12 I wake up, we change places so I'm driving and continue on our way

07:03 We park at a gas station to catch some more sleep (N44 17.031 W76 39.344)

07:35 we wake up. There's a Tim Hortons (N44 17.031 W76 39.345). We're close to Kingston.

08:35 we switch driving positions. I manage to narrowly escape the Littlest Hobo while getting into the passenger side. The dog seemed friendly enough but we couldn't take him with us. (N44 39.059 W75 37.463)

09:09 we pull over in a parking lot to get more sleep (N45 00.254 W74 59.611)

09:34 We hear some bird noises or something. It's enough to wake us up and get moving again.

10:49 Somewhere near Cornwall exists a arcade with restrooms (N45 02.857 W74 46.226).

11:05 We stop in Cornwall at a Wendy's to get some food. (N45 01.824 W74 45.222)

11:24 Upon exiting the Wendy's Restaurant Kellie notices this huge dead cockroach in front of our car.

13:02 We arrive at the St. Louis Arena in Montreal (N45 31.667 W73 36.011)

Taking flight playing the Deathrow Dames

The Derby Nerd. You can read his recap of the Montreal tournament and other roller derby games here. Not only is he a great writer and derby fan he's the first person to use the donate button on this site (yeah, the one on the right column there).

LuluDemon travelled all the way from BC to bring us her PivotStar line. Awesome.

Ewan Wotarmy cuts through the Gore gore girls pack like a hot knife through warm butter

Fun on the side lines.

Beeramid partially made by Hammer City.

Carl attempts to add another can.

Whoops... walk away, walk away.

Bareleigh legal (#18) attempts to block Smack Daddy

Scooby Doom in mid air

Rebel Rock-it photo bombs the Harlots photo shoot.

Hozone Layer, Lead Jammer

Ivy Rupted hugs Little Mean Momma

The 2010 Death Row Dames

"We're number PHUN!"

"You've got something on your shorts."

Dicey plows into the ground after missing Lunchbox

Dicey of the Hamilton Harlots attempts to block Bambi, the jammer for the Gore Gore Girls

Rookie Tempura Tantrum takes a nose dive into the track

She then becomes lead jammer.

Perky Set congratulates Tempura for her outstanding skating on her first competitive bout.

Despite losing the bout, the Harlots are ecstatic about Tempura's achievement.

Meanwhile on the sidelines, Land shark is being attacked. This fun wrestling would later be stopped by security.

Georgia W. Tush holding Quadzilla's skate

Quadzilla holding Tush's skate.

22:27 The GPS fails I have no idea where we are. There's some poutine place that we're eating at. The service is slow and the food is so so, but I shovel it down cause I'm starving.

We make art out of grains of sugar. Here's my fat horse.

Poutine... finally... and it looks yummy.

23:15 kitty corner across the street we end up in a pub of some sort. This is where the after party is.

Tommy Toxic makes an entrance as a bunny

Mia Culprit and Little Mean Momma

23:57 holy crap we're tired

Kellie turning into a Zombie

No reaction. They even have my camera.

You have to love the girls of Montreal Derby.

Quadzilla with Slacker Smacker

Dr. Johnny Capote and Lyn-dah Kicks

Outside the pub.

a derby newbie