Saturday, January 01, 2022

New Year, New location

looking down at los palmas, Gran Canaria

I fell asleep early last night. it was on purpose, not that i had any plans last night to stay up late. with covid lurking around and visiting a new country i didn't want to chance visiting a hospital up close. Also my communication is terrible here as i'm not fluent in spanish.

I had eyeballed this hill on google maps. There was a tourist photo icon so naturally i was drawn to that to take photos. what a better time than to be up there on the new year just as the sun was coming up.

So I planned on getting up early and walking over there. i left around 4am in the morning as managed to make it all the way up the hill just before the sun popped over the horizon. it was great timing.

It should be noted that while the hill had a pretty gentle slope up to what resembled a small park bench, on the other side of the park bench there was a 80m drop down a rocky terraine right into the ocean. so it was good that the sun was just starting to light the ground i was walking on. When I saw how close my foot was to open space, a large wave of adrenaline washed over me.

So this year started on the right foot by not falling to my death. Yay, me!

I stayed a while watching the sun come up all while taking photos. "I should have brought my 360 camera and my monopod." I thought to myself. hindsight is 20/20.

I waited until the sky had more light then made my way back down to the road and then back down to the city.