Saturday, July 31, 2010

RollerCon 2010 - Day 4

The stuff on my hotel desk

Feeling the effects of three days of partying (uh... skating, yeah skating)

"Eeeek, your camera died?"
(Note: I'm taking creative liberties with this caption, I'm not sure why SO was doing this on this day)

Big thanks

The team SeXY versus team Awesome is always a bout that produces great photos provided I have a camera to shoot with. With my camera shutter dying the night before this looked pretty grim. For those of you that know me I need a camera like derby people need skates.

I cannot express enough thanks to Freeze Frame (aka Jim Cottingham) for lending me his D300 camera body for the bout. Without the camera I would not have any of these photos to share with you and would have had to resort to using my crappy point and shoot. While, yes, the point and shoot is great because it takes photos in 3D, it really fails in dim lighting to focus. In fact even with "real" lighting the focus is ghastly when it comes to shooting action.

Freeze Frame has a RollerCon photo link here on smugmug ( Feel free to peruse and even buy some prints from him. If you were at RollerCon he's the same photographer that lost a memory card the same day Team SeXY and Awesome played. That's pretty crappy stuff to happen to a nice guy.

Team SeXY

Whippity Pow avoids a block

Justice Feelgood Marshall takes a spill...

...but is back up and skating like a machine.

Streak does a spinning jump.

The audience applauds Medusa of Team Awesome

Blocking Quadzilla is no easy feat.

Awesome SeXY

Ivanna S. Pankin

The Wicked Skatewear booth (

Photo for B-Train and Strychnine (the girls are hard at work... really)

The Rock Socks booth (

Fremont street

Chinese food, the first non-sport center food I've had since RollerCon started

Jess Bandit with deep fried clumps of Oreo cookies

ShutterThug surveys the crowd for a photo of excellence

B-Train, Bimbo

The Bimbos and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Pivots

Derby Animals VS Team Celebrity

Lady Gag Ya

Team 4:20 and Team Wasted

Team Star Trek VS Team Star Wars

Ugh... the point and shoot can't zoom in, let alone focus.

Corn dog from the Sports Center! How did I miss these until today?!?

The Wicked Skatewear party

B-Train with the Nekkid lady drinks

"Don't touch the machine, I will tell you when it's ready."

Girls N Guns

Spooning in the tub.

The margarita machine is working!

The unicorn down under


The Canuck shirt

Strychnine and me

"Okay who let the Zebra in?"

Meanwhile back at the Hooters Pool

coy with a beer

Our server at the pool (with great looking hair)

Newly wed Derby wives

Lady Gag Ya does sparkle fingers (or bird flying gesture?)

Justice Feelgood Marshall

Anita Martini

The Aussies

Nice shirt

A pool toy

A girl with 3D glasses about to "have her mind blown" by my 3D camera.

B Train!!!

Who's that at the Wild Onion? Captian Stubing? No, much cuter! It's Strychnine!

My club house sandwich