Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas Lights

Nathan Phillips Square (and the "new" 40 year old City Hall)

As Christmas fast approaches the city, in this case the city of Toronto, has started the Christmas tradition of putting lights up around town. I was walking by City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square looked around and noticed the Blue Christmas tree, the skating rink rights, the lights around the peace garden, and the reindeer above the snack bar.

What's with the lone reindeer?

What's with the reindeer anyways? There's only one. How do you explain that to your kid? Did he get lost? Was he tossed out of the reindeer club? and why was that? Did he bite Santa in the ass? push him off a roof while making a delivery? And why is it every year the city places him over the snack bar?

As a city can we not afford seven more reindeers? Was that single reindeer on sale? Couldn't we have bought a snowman? No one questions a snowman standing alone.

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