Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Garbage Day

The garbage truck on our street finishing it's rounds.

Novemeber 1st. I really didn't do a lot today but I did get outside if only to take out the trash. That was at about 3am. Since my cousin has started visiting my sleep has shifted from going to bed at 4am and waking up around 10am to going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 3am, then going back to sleep at around 9am to wake up at around noon.

At least that's my schedule when I'm not working. If I am at work then just ignore the 9to12 sleep shift. As you might expect the working after a three hour sleep and being up for five hours is not really a good thing. I start getting punchy around the half way mark at work then fight to stay awake for the second half.

It's a rare thing when I see the garbage truck. They never seem to pick up the garbage at the same time on tuesday morning. There have been times when they pick up the trash on wednesdays. Maybe they forgot our street that week or were full up by the time they got to our area. Who knows?

As a general rule they usually pick up the trash early on the tuesday morning if, and only if, I just remembered it was garbage day and had to run out in slippers only to find the truck speeding off and away in the distance. If I do remember the night before or at 3am, as in today's case, the truck seems to show up later in the afternoon or not at all.

As it's rare, the sighting of the truck, I thought I'd take it's picture. I've even included it next to the emptied garbage can. Wow! It's like sighting a four leaf clover, seeing a rainbow, or having the government give you a cheque because they made a mistake.

While doing this, as it would just so happen, my upstairs neighbors were going for a walk when they saw me kneeling on the sidewalk trying to shoot the garbage can. I think they thought I was nuts. That or I was shooting for an article on waste management for some paper.

After a bit of explaination they too had come to realize that the sighting of the garbage truck was a rarity. But instead of being awestruck or the least bit fascinated they just shrugged their shoulders and walked away.

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And who doesn't think you're nuts?