Sunday, November 13, 2005

Metro Toronto Zoo

Tiny beady eyes pop out from under the water...

Today I was originally supposed to do a photo shoot. My client cancelled due to having to attend a funeral of a friend being shot to death. Another product of gang violence. What is wrong with this world? I appreciated the heads up when he called me a few days ago to cancel it allowed me to sleep in a bit more.

After going for the weekly dim sum consumption I randomly choose to go to the zoo. Why? I don't really know but if I could guess it might have something to do with taking pictures. Since High Park has been frequented quite a bit lately I decided to go somewhere I hadn't been in a while. Somewhere where there were animals a plenty.

3 and under FREE
Children 4-12 $11.00
General 13-64 $19.00
Seniors 65 and up $13

The prices seemed a bit steep but that's inflation for you. Almost twice as much as going to a movie and a lot farther to travel but it's good exercise. Walking up and down hills, weaving in and out of screaming, crying kids and their parental units. Actually it was a lot of fun. Below are photos of some of the animals I saw. With each photo there's a small blurb saying where it is located in the zoo.

Yikes! It's a "false gharial" located in the Indo-Malaya Pavilion

The Cougar located in the Canadian Domain

A chameleon located in the African Rainforest Pavilion

South African Osterich located in the African Savanna

Grevy's Zebra also located in the African Savanna

Peacock located near Harvey's and the Pizza Pizza snack bar

Out of all the animals at the zoo the peacock is probably the smartest. Located right next to the food court it can usually get scraps of food from wide eyed kids and adults alike.

Arctic Wolves located in the Canadian Domain

Northern Bald Eagle also located in the Canadian Domain


Anonymous said...

Photos are great! Derek Originals I pressume...animals are great, sadly better than most people in my opinion.

Sock Monty said...

I agree with Kyoko. (but then, I'm a monkey...) Her saying that, I bet Kyoko is a great person.