Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Photo Fridge

Hot off the press - photos !

Something that never occured to me while printing photos is that they stick to one another, at least while using an epson printer. I'm sure other printers have the same problem. It's interesting that they don't have driers made by third party companies. I suppose you could have a clothes line and peg the drying photos to it. It would be like being in the darkroom again. As an aside there is a Kodak printer that has a blow dryer built in so the photos come out dry.

The first time I used my epson I thought I was being smart by putting ten photos in a queue so they'd be done when I got back from wandering off to do something else. When I got back they were finished printing. They were also all stuck together. What a horrible waste of ink and photo paper.

For the last day or so, which is why there's no blog entry for monday, I've been hiding in my apartment printing off some of the photos I've taken in the last few years. Another problem with shooting digital is you don't always get prints made of the photos you take. So sooner or later when you actually want prints you have to spend a bunch of time going through all the crappy, poor, maybe not-so-good ones all the while you're reminiscing, which takes up more time, while trying to get to the great photos.

So why this and why now? The reason is too fatten up the old photo portfolio before I go pushing it to various companies. I'm trying to dig up enough miscellaneous photos so I can break it down into smaller more customized packages geared to whatever company I'm applying to. Sounds simple enough. The stars must be in some kind of alignment as I'm usually not this motivated.

I've also been working on some 3D graphics for a friend. So while the computer renders the 3D images, I'm using the computer's extra processing power to scan through the library of photos and send them to the printer. Only this time I'm there to pick up the photo once it's printed and put it on the fridge. What better use for all those fridge magnets? I knew I was collecting them for something.


Jenn said...

We just got a new Epson printer, so I'll take your hint and print my pictures one at a time!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there are two copies of the same picture on the fridge. Is there any significance to that?

BagelHot said...

Hey not bad Fred. The pictures are of a bride getting her hair fixed by her mom. It was taken during the only wedding job I've taken (see oct 1, 2005 entry).

The reason for the two copies is that I was trying out different printer settings. If using Adobe photoshop I have found that enabling the color management checkbox in the print window makes the images darker when printed. Need to test this more but don't want to waste paper (and ink).