Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nikon Battery Recall

Nikon Canada - 1366 Aerowood road, Mississauga

My day actually was planned from the night before. On the web I read that Nikon was recalling a bunch of batteries (for the D70, D70s, D100) due to a number of them melting on the charger. Yikes! I went to the Nikon Canada site to see if any of my two batteries were listed with a defective lot number. (click here for the battery recall list on the nikon USA site)

It took me a while to actually find where the lot number was located. Turns out the four digit lot number was in black ink on black plastic so it was a bit hard to see under low light conditions. See picture below.

Where to find your battery lot number.

Once I found out that the battery was considered bad I made up my mind to go to Nikon the next day. For those that aren't aware, Nikon is located in one of the most inconvenient places for someone that doesn't own a car. It's near the airport, on the side furthest away from the city of Toronto (in mississauga). Trying to be money conscious I decided to take the subway to the end of the line, Kipling station, then take a cab from the station to Nikon. The cab ride cost me $27 and took about 20 minutes in total.

Once at Nikon the exchanging of the battery was pretty quick and painless. I had to fill out a tiny form saying that I owned a bad battery and I received a good one in exchange. The total procedure took about 10 minutes at most. I got some parts to replace the lost ones for my SB-800 and asked about their Nikon professional services program. After piling up on brochures I left thinking I didn't want to spend another $27 to get back to Kipling station.

weird blue clouds

I decided to be cheap and walk back. Upon leaving the building I noticed it was cold. At least colder than when I walked into Nikon. The sky had a weird blue cloud layer. The same color as frozen ice in those antarctic documentaries. Minutes later I would be pelted by small pea sized pieces of hail. That didn't really annoy me, only the fact that winter is suddenly upon us. What did annoy me was that I was walking on the wrong side of the street. It was the down wind side. Being on a street that had a lot of trucks with diesel exhaust spewing out of them I started hacking to the point where I wanted to vommit. Feeling a tad sick I took refuge in a Wendy's along the way.

After eating a burger, some fries, and a lemonade, I set back out to walk down Dixie towards Bloor, and towards Toronto. It's funny, on the map everything seems kind of close. I only had to walk two and a half pages. It took about two and a half hours to finally stumble into the city limits. I could have taken mississauga transit but decided while trodding along, "No. I going to save money dammit". It wasn't like I had anything to do for a few hours anyway.

Toronto City Limits - yea!

Once inside city limits, notice it's dark, it only took another half hour to get to a TTC bus stop. Next time I think it would be easier to just bike all the way there and back.

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This is bad - as in bad transit - but it can get worse, as in any where west of Winnipeg.