Monday, December 26, 2005


lazy cat checks out the cat-nip mouse

Today is boxing day, at one point a holiday, now a day to go shopping to find bargins. At least I'm sure that's what Dan would have had us do if he were still around. His sayings were "You can't take the money with you." and "Who ever has the most stuff wins". Not to disappoint, William, Gary and I set out early in the morning to hunt down DVDs, tech toys, and other things on sale. We visited the camera shops, the computer shops, we even set foot in a clothing shop or two (that was Gary's idea).

There really wasn't any insane-o price drops on stuff that I really wanted. Which is a good thing. I really don't need any more "junk" to fill the apartment. By the end of the day at the HMV superstore we made out way back to the car. It was around 5:23pm. That's when we heard what sounded like gun shots went off. We were about a block away in front of the Ryerson campus. At the time we weren't sure what made the sounds. Fire crackers, a bad car.

Gary suggested I go back to the scene of the sounds to take pictures, if there were any to take. I made up my mind (in about two seconds) that I didn't want to do war journalism, gang violence, or any gun shooting photography of any kind. When we got to the car we turned on the radio to see if anything was going to be aired describing what just went on. Granted only five minutes had past.

After dropping off my shopping bags at home I went to visit Chris and Kyoko. There I spent some time with the cat. I tried toying with the cat with a mouse rubbed with fresh catnip. The cat lost interest pretty quickly. From attack cat he became an inactive blob of fur. Bored, lethargic, unmotivated, that cat just lay there squinting at me. "I'm in control of you, not you of me." seemed to be it's thought process when I looked at him. It's funny that.

After watching Madagascar, the animated movie, and going home I looked up the online newspaper. The sounds that we thought may have been gun shots earlier in the day were just that. A 15 year old girl, an innocent bystander, took a bullet to the head and died. Six other people were injured by stray fire.

To think that we were in the area of fire just seconds before kind of gives you a cold feeling all over. A lot of what ifs popped into my mind. I wanted to beat the crap out of the parents of the kids with the guns, just before I started beating the crap out of the kids with the guns. What the hell is wrong with this world?

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