Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gudrun's Christmas Party

Gudrun with a "Up Doo" or was it a "Doo Up"?

In always amazes me how fast the year flies by and the next thing you know it's the whole Christmas thing again. The time of year again when, if you're lucky enough, you're invited to the assortment of Christmas parties. Whether it's for work, friends, the regular night clubs, or public events, it seems there's always enough things to pack your usually empty calendar with stuff to do.

Today I was invited to Gudrun's house party where the theme was to dress up. People all around me were wearing suits and dresses. I felt like I was mingling in a wedding party, a funeral wake, or maybe even the Geminis (the lower budget Canadian version of the Oscars). It was odd seeing people dressed like James Bond or like a red carpet was hidden some where.

Me, I wore a sweater and jeans. Pretty fancy for a guy that doesn't really like things with long sleeves.

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