Saturday, December 17, 2005

Santa on Demand

The Santa line at Square One

I was doing some shopping at Square One (a mall in the outer reaches, a place called Mississauga) with Marc and Michelle. It was pretty crazy there. As we weaved through the shopping hordes Marc and I (Michelle went off to shop by herself) saw the Santa castle and the long line of kids that went with it.

As a kid I don't really remember doing the whole santa thing but my parents have the odd pictures to prove it. I looked stunned. In the picture I mean. I was probably between 4 and 9. As far as photo sessions I do remember not wanting to go see Spider-man when I was a kid. I was to afraid to pose with him for a picture. Since it was a mall my Dad took a picture of Spider-man with some other kid just so we'd have a picture of spider-man to remind us of the family day we spent out at some department store.

To this day I think I still have that picture with that brown haired kid. I can digitally paint an old photo of me in over the kid but what would be the point. If I showed anyone the picture I know it would be a sham. Still it brings back happy times from yesteryear.

As for the Santa pictures, and as stated before, I don't really remember anything. I wonder if these kids will remember the huge line up that they had to stand in dragging their very patient parents along for the ride. Probably not. It's also possible that it's the parent dragging the kids so they can get santa pictures and show them like trophies to other friends that really don't care if it's just a picture of the cute kid or the kid on santas lap. Really it's not like they light these pictures specifically for each child. It's sad really if the child is forced into it.

They should put something in these things so parents can be entertained. Take Walt Disney for example, while waiting in enormous lines the person standing there can look around at stuff keeping themselves entertained. Maybe a Santa line should have a magaizne rack or some young Mrs.Claus in a red and white bikini. I suppose a chippendales line of elves might be good for the female population. After all if it's good enough for us it's good enough for our kids (spoken like a true non-parent). Y'know I might be on to something here.

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Sock Monty said...

I have never stood in line to visit Santa, but my own Mum, when she was much younger, was an honest to goodness candy-cane elf! She stood at the head of the line and told kids when they could see Santa and handed out candy-canes! Her brother, also an elf, helped the kids find their folks again afterward, and handed out more candy-canes. I have a picture to prove it on my own blog. ( Go to the "happy holidays" blogthing entry. I wish she was still a candy-cane elf so I could have candy-canes all the time...